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NingXia Airport Co,.LTD
NingXia Airport Co,.LTD,was founded in April 2004,On October 2004, approved by the People's Government of NingXia Province, in order to further promote the development of NingXia, NingXia Airport Limited Corporation combined with ShanXi province airport management group ,formed China West Airport Group. Form then,NingXia Airport Limited Corporation became member Corporation of China West Airport Group. Now,NingXia Airport Limited Corporation in charge of three civil airports’ operation and management. that is, YinChuan Hedong International Airport,GuYuan LiuPan mountains Airport, ZhongWei Shapotou Airport.

Yinchuan Hedong International Airport
Chinese Name: 银川河东国际机场
English Name: Yinchuan Hedong International Airport 
Reference Code: Civil airport, 4D 
Established at: 1995 
Managed By: China West Airport Group 
Distance from urban: 19km from YinChuan-the provincial capital of NingXia 
Altitude: 1100m 

YinChuan Hedong International Airport Located in YinChuan, the capital of NingXia ,It is also NingXia’s important window to communicate and exchange with the outside world. It covers a 5560 acres land and 3,200m × 45m runway with the reference code 4D, which is available for the airbus movements below Boeing 747 through the radar air control system. 

To meet the ever-growing demand of passengers, YinChuan Hedong International Airport has carried out large-scale expansion and reconstruction projects for 3 times since 1997. On September 6, 1997, Terminal 1 with an area of 14.200 square meters was officially put into operation. On June 5, 2008, Terminal 2 with an area of 328,000 square meters was put into use. The construction of Terminal 3 is now full operative. The new terminal will be covered by area of 80,000 square meters, and promote airport level to 4E standard.And it will meet the need of 89,000 aircraft movements in total, carried 10,000,000 passengers and 100,000 tons of cargo and mail throughputs in 2020.

Over the past 10 years since its inception in 2004, YinChuan Hedong international airport has been striding forward along with time. With the fast development of NingXia’s economy, YinChuan Hedong international airport makes increasingly faster strides forward. Especially since the join of west airport group.Till the end of 2013, YinChuan Hedong international airport had opened more than 50 regular domestic routes and more than 5 of international routes, to be accessible in more than 55 cities and regions at home and abroad. In 2013, YinChuan Hedong international airport was achieved 39,117 aircraft movements in total, carried 4248,743 passengers and 29,105 tons of cargo and mail throughputs.

YinChuan Hedong international airport has always been taking safety as its top priority. Its good safety records have passed the strict examination of ICAO and CAAC.We have always insisted in providing good services for airlines and customer philosophy, in pursuing of harmony and cooperation, in bringing all forces together to strive , and make greater contribution for regional economic and social development.

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