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After leaving the baggage claim area, please proceed to Exit 2 and make your way across to the taxi station.


Terminal 2, in front of 1st parking.

Warning Note on Illegal Taxis

The use of illegal taxis, usually operated by drivers without proper commercial taxi licenses, is not advisable and should be avoided for reasons of safety. The vehicles are mostly privately owned cars not equipped with a taximeter, and their owners bargain for fares a lot higher than the legal rate. If a person approaches you in the terminal and offers you taxi services, please proceed to the taxi station.

Taxi Fares

Driving directions Day initial rateMetered FareNight starting priceMetered Fare

Yinchuan city

7 yuan(for the first 3km)

1 or 1.4 yuan / km

8.4 yuan(for the first 3km)

1 or 1.4 yuan / km


1.The quotation is for reference only.

2.You will be charged at a starting price within 3 km in Yinchuan city.

3.The charging price is calculated in RMB.

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