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    South side of terminal 2

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    Party and National leaders

    Foreign country Head of state and Government

    Deputy ministry class party, government or military leaders

    The People's Liberation Army: Above Rearadmiral or PLA civilian staff grade 2

    P.R.C and foreign ambassadors

    ChineseAcademyof Engineering (CAE) academicians


    Principals of large enterprises

    Services Items

    Make an appointment pick-up

    After receiving government VIP passengers arriving information, we’ll arrange service staff to pick up passengers and guided to lounge for a rest.

    Lounge Services

    After entering lounge, we provide tea, drinks, food, TV program, books reading, flight information inquiry services.

    Agent check-in procedures

    Government VIP can enjoy agent check-in (Including agent boarding pass and baggage check-in service)and aviation insurance procurement service. In addition, the separate government VIP lounge security channel is reserved for government passengers.

    Boarding Service

    Passengers will be guide to get aboard for a specified route to boarding gate.

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