International departures

Inspection & Quarantine
Outbound travelers need to do body temperature inspection and carry-on Luggage inspection.

Customs Inspection
Outbound travelers are kindly advised to comply with the effective Customs regulations.

Please confirm the terminal building with the airport or the airline you fly with in advance. For smooth boarding, it is recommended that passengers arrive at their terminal 2 hours before departure; Check-in service closes 40 minutes before departure. Upon Yinchuan Hedong international Airport, please refer to the Flight Information Systems and check in at the corresponding check-in counter with flight ticket and valid ID.

Buy aviation insurance 
Passenger can decide whether buy aviation insurance or not.

Security check
Please make sure that your boarding pass, flight ticket and passport are ready for security checks. You are required to pass through the security gate, while your carry-on luggage has to go through X-ray checks for flight safety. 

Frontier Inspection
Foreign passengers are required to show their passports, visas, and exit registration cards.

Waiting & Boarding
After security check, you can go to the corresponding lounge in accordance with the boarding gate indicated in your boarding pass.

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